About the project

The main Angolan political party, the MPLA, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, made available to the people a solution that allows them to follow the life of the party. The application launch comes a week before the VII MPLA ordinary congress is held in Luanda. Alluding to the importance of opening up to the new realities of technological communication, the president of the MPLA and Angolan head of state, José Eduardo dos Santos, affirmed at the end of 2014 that it is not possible to “lose sight” of the “mobilizing and forming role of political awareness ”Of the party, and must“ know how to take advantage of new information and communication technologies, to get their messages to the citizens ”. "Through these means, we must clarify public opinion, increase and consolidate the awareness of those who support us, conquer the undecided and, above all, train our militants so that they have more and better participation in national political life", said José Eduardo dos Santos. The application is available for iOS and Android and in versions for smartphones and tablets.

App features With a presence in the most common means of communication, the MPLA is now also betting on digital communication and the app for iOS and Android is a strong bet of the party for communication with its constituency. Main Functionalities: ๏ Read the Message of our Comrade President; ๏ Check the latest news; ๏ View photo galleries of MPLA events and videos; ๏ Consult Communiqués and important documents, such as speeches, Party Statutes, editions of the Éme newspaper; ๏ View our rallies and events live via a video feed; ๏ Access to wallpapers (wallpapers) exclusive to your device; ๏ Useful and important links; MP MPLA Contacts and Social Networks;

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