About the project

Sales query application, Hourly Sales and Drive, PMIX and TOP for iPhone 7, iPad and iPad mini. This application is only used by internal users with the VPN client and distributed directly by the McDonald’s Portugal IT department to its employees, and is therefore not available in any app store. Developed resorting to native Apple tool Xcode> Objective-C the application has access to JSON Webservices, developed in VB.net within the scope of the project, which access a SQL server 2012 database. The project was developed using an example database with the respective store procedures, having never had Clever Way Mobile access to any real data from McDonald's Portugal.

The business app McDonald’s Portugal iPhones and iPad's mobile devices distributed to employees and consequently iOS as a system. The Mobile Analyze application was developed with Apple native tools as it intended to deliver a truly intuitive and unique user experience.

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