About the project

Frotcom is a professional solution for Vehicle Locations and Fleet Management, designed to control fleet activities, communicate with drivers and learn about vehicle usage patterns. With the iOS and Android app developed for Frotcom, the Fleet Manager can control fleet vehicles 24 hours a day, with GPS positioning data and sensor data received every minute. Additional accessories and modules include cost management, integrated navigation for drivers, bidirectional text communication, fuel control and automatic driver identification. The data collected by Frotcom from the vehicles are processed, generating very detailed and useful reports, which are simple to read. All you need to access Frotcom is the app now available for iOS and Android. Anywhere in the world.

App features Frotcom is the best tool for GPS location and fleet management. A small GPS locator (GPS tracker) containing GPS receiver and GPRS communications module is installed in each vehicle in the fleet. This unit allows the fleet manager to control all vehicle movements: where they are, where they have been, when they started the journey, how long they have been stationary and so on. Main Functionalities: ๏ GPS positioning; ๏ Costs management ๏ Integrated navigation for drivers Bid Bidirectional text communication ๏ Fuel control Automática Automatic driver identification ๏ Over-speed alarms, etc.

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