Mobile app development for public transport system in Cascais and Sintra (Portugal).

McDonald’s Mobile Analyze

Sales query application, Hourly Sales and Drive, PMIX and TOP for iPhone 7, iPad and iPad mini. This application is only used by internal users with the VPN client and distributed directly by the McDonald’s Portugal IT department to its employees, and is therefore not available in any app store. Developed resorting to native Apple tool Xcode> Objective-C the application has access to JSON Webservices, developed in within the scope of the project, which access a SQL server 2012 database. The project was developed using an example database with the respective store procedures, having never had Clever Way Mobile access to any real data from McDonald's Portugal.


Frotcom is a professional solution for Vehicle Locations and Fleet Management, designed to control fleet activities, communicate with drivers and learn about vehicle usage patterns. With the iOS and Android app developed for Frotcom, the Fleet Manager can control fleet vehicles 24 hours a day, with GPS positioning data and sensor data received every minute. Additional accessories and modules include cost management, integrated navigation for drivers, bidirectional text communication, fuel control and automatic driver identification. The data collected by Frotcom from the vehicles are processed, generating very detailed and useful reports, which are simple to read. All you need to access Frotcom is the app now available for iOS and Android. Anywhere in the world.

Holmes Place

Leading brand in the national Fitness market, the chain Holmes Place, which was born in the UK more than 30 years ago, is present in 10 countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland and Switzerland. There are around 75 clubs and 250,000 members in these countries. The first health club in Portugal was created in 1998 in Quinta da Fonte, Oeiras, as a result of an international competition to open such an infrastructure in this business center. Today it launches its mobile application for iOS and Android in Portugal by Clever Way Mobile.


The main Angolan political party, the MPLA, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, made available to the people a solution that allows them to follow the life of the party. The application launch comes a week before the VII MPLA ordinary congress is held in Luanda. Alluding to the importance of opening up to the new realities of technological communication, the president of the MPLA and Angolan head of state, José Eduardo dos Santos, affirmed at the end of 2014 that it is not possible to “lose sight” of the “mobilizing and forming role of political awareness ”Of the party, and must“ know how to take advantage of new information and communication technologies, to get their messages to the citizens ”. "Through these means, we must clarify public opinion, increase and consolidate the awareness of those who support us, conquer the undecided and, above all, train our militants so that they have more and better participation in national political life", said José Eduardo dos Santos. The application is available for iOS and Android and in versions for smartphones and tablets.

Direção-Geral de Recursos da Defesa Nacional

DGRDN's mission is to design, develop, coordinate and execute the human resources, armament, equipment, heritage and infrastructure policies necessary for national defense.

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