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Business apps

With the right app mobile can become the main channel of your corporate management team.


…or how to make some money in the app stores

Here at Clever Way Mobile, smartphones and tablets, applications and games are not part of our DNA. And it so just because some of us are still from an era “before the Spectrum”. That’s not the case with our younger elements (or our children) where the interaction with the world – promoted by these devices – has undergone so many changes that the consequences are almost genetic and difficult to predict.

CWM has, since 2009, addressed almost exclusively this particular area of the technology market. And that’s the reason we  state that we were mobile first before there was a mobile first. Because since our foundation we thought that the present and the future was literally in your hands. The hands that hold that first screen that you look at more than 150 times a day.

Welcome to our world. We’re glad you came our way. We would like to help you interact with your mobile world. And we’re pretty damn sure that we have some of the most talented developers and designers on today’s global market.

Clever Way Mobile latest projects

Mobile first

Has been our mojo since 09. Don’t just adapt to mobile. Think mobile first. It’s where the present and future shake hands.


We like to think we part with you

We assume ourselves as part of your value chain. As we adopted mobile in an inception phase, the concept of working as partners with your tech department is very familiar.

Make you projects come alive

Why keep all those ideas in the shelf? Don’t wait until you see your project implemented by your competitor. We’ll help you bring to life. From the sketch board to the App Stores.

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